Agency Services

Global experience, local know-how. Five Continents Cargo Network, manages to combine global experience with local know-how. We are able to provide your company with tailor-made ship cargo services and up-to-date knowledge about local loading and discharging operations or port expenses.

Port Agency

Our Service starts with offering you a fast and accurate reply on your proforma requests. Our local office will inform you on port conditions, berth restrictions, local port regulations, cargo operation, estimated duration of the port call and a competitive estimation of port and cargo expenses

Husbandry Agency

Managing your vessel and crew requirements in unkown area’s can be quite a challenge. Our local offices will use their extensive networks to assist you in working with the best suppliers, shipchandlers and workshops available in you port of call.

Protecting Agency

You do not always control the appointment of the port agency. You may not receive the expected assistance and support from your forced upon agents. In these cases our offices can protect your interests by providing you with our protective and husbandry services .